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Focused Inbox in Outlook 2016

Some may remember Clutter being introduced last year as a tool to keep email inboxes free of unwanted or unimportant messages.  Seems users either loved it or hated it as there wasn’t much distinction from Clutter and Junk folders.  Microsoft introduced Focused Inbox later last year as the replacement for Clutter going forward.  You may have noticed and been using Focused Inbox on Outlook mobile and online.  This will now be rolling out to Outlook 2016.  As with Clutter you have the option to enable or disable, but with Focused Inbox the action to do that is much easier.  Having worked with it on my I-phone for the last couple months, I like it much better than clutter as it’s easy to flip from one tab to another.  I can stay focused on the things that are important and review nonessential emails at a later time.  The service that powered Clutter is the same that powers Focused Inbox, however the interface has been more warmly received.  Article below will show how to enable (or disable) Focused Inbox as it is rolled out to your tenant.



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