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Custom Sensitive Information Types

One of the big roadblocks to adopting cloud solutions is ensuring appropriate data loss prevention measures are in place.  Users having access to data anywhere is exciting for productivity but challenging for security.  Several companies may be evaluating DLP solutions and vendors as part of their cloud evaluation and adoption strategies.  Before spending money on multiple or additional vendors, what you’ve identified for needs and outcomes may already be available to you through your Office 365 subscription.  If you have already invested in Office 365 you have access to a variety of DLP policy settings from your admin portal.  There’s a centralized Security and Compliance section that we touched on in an earlier blog post: Unified Data Loss Prevention.  Microsoft announced on April 17 that there is now support for custom sensitive information types in the Security and Compliance Center.  There are 80 different sensitive information types you can choose from out of the box, but now you can protect information that is unique to your business.  With unified DLP, these policies span multiple Office 365 workloads, not just Exchange Online.  Check to see if your DLP requirements can be accomplished without sacrificing more of your IT budget.


For more information on DLP Policies please view this article for an overview:


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