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ToDo in Preview

On April 19th Microsoft announced a new task management app To-DO.  For those that are familiar with Wunderlist, this is its replacement.  For those that aren’t familiar, To-Do assists in keeping track of tasks enabling users to work more intentionally day to day.  There are also intelligent suggestions that alert users to items that could be more important based on other work they are doing.  Initially Outlook tasks will sync with To-Do but eventually it will work across other Office 365 workloads such as OneNote.  As with other apps and services there is a dedicated user voice page where feedback, suggestions and criticisms are encouraged to help shape the app into a productive addition to end user work days.  Initial feedback has been mixed as there are several task management apps already available in Teams, Planner, and Outlook so it will be interesting to see the enhancements based on user suggestions and where To-Do settles in.  To join the Preview of To-Do, see the link below.



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