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I Have a Firewall, My Network is Secure


What a great way to start out a conversation with a security expert. “Yes, I’m sure you do have a firewall, but how did the password for your bank account end up online?”

It’s a story as old as the internet itself, but it typically started in one place. Your email. Your firewall, AV software and all of the other safeguards are probably top of the line, configured by the smartest people money can buy. It can detect any type of intrusion, it will sounds the alarms when someone is trying to hack into your webserver, but you know what it can’t do, stop your controller from responding to that email asking for the password for your bank account.

Humans always have and always will make mistakes. It’s what makes us human. Learning from mistakes is what puts us at the top of the food chain. Learning from other’s mistakes is what makes us better.

User education is the number one area in which to spend your security budget. Teaching and helping your users understand what to look for in an email or what not to click on when on the internet can be some of the best money spent. The smartest and best firewall in the world can be bypassed by someone who thinks they know what they are doing. Anytime I attend a security conference or talk to the FBI, they always tell me help your employees understand what not to do on the internet.

Kyle Swanda

President, Authos


Microsoft, Fortinet, Kaseya, and Autotask
P and L Technology, VMWare, Cisco, HP, and Dell