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Introducing Authos

What is Authos?

Authos is a new company that has been developed and launched from P&L Technology’s EnterpriseSELECT division.


Authos is Greek in origin and represents autonomy, responsibility and efficiency. Three words that help to describe this new enhanced service.

Why is the name changing?

For 10 years P&L Technology has solidified a position delivering value to small and medium businesses in the Omaha and Lincoln areas. As our clients have grown, so have their technology needs. EnterpriseSELECT grew based on the demand for customized, client-focused services, so we decided to create a separate organization to address this market segment. As a result, we created Authos.

What does this mean for me?

For most clients, nothing will change. Authos is still the same organization you were working with as P&L Technology EnterpriseSELECT. Clients that have support and managed services with P&L Technology will still have access to the same staff and resources that you work with. Nothing will change on that front. Authos will continue to partner with P&L Technology to deliver managed services to your organization now and into the future. For clients that we are working with on project services, vCIO, strategy consulting, and product sales basis, you will continue to work with your current team. The name will change but we will continue to deliver the same great services you have been using, just under a different name.

Who is involved in Authos?

You will still work with familiar faces. Kyle Swanda will be the President and Steve Heller will serve as Vice President of Business Development. P&L Technology staff and resources you work with now will remain constant. As a strategic partner, P&L Technology gives Authos the ability to deliver the services that you have become accustomed to over the last 10 years with enhancements that will help grow your business and technical acumen to meet your organization’s needs.

What’s next?

At our next meeting with you, you will notice the Authos name change atop our agenda. Over the next few months, our new website will go live, invoices and correspondence will change names and logos, and you will hear a lot more information about the change in the media. We are very excited about providing Authos service to your company. If you have questions at this time, please feel free to reach out to us.


Kyle Swanda


Microsoft, Fortinet, Kaseya, and Autotask
P and L Technology, VMWare, Cisco, HP, and Dell